Handyman Services

Furniture are randomly arranged

Furniture Assembly

Fill out a short form explaining the furniture assembly service that you need, We will send you a professional furniture assembly company, vetted by hundreds of our previous customers. We are the largest home services marketplace in Dubai. Our Handyman team utilizes the latest technologies, while at the same time maintaining our sense of family values when servicing your home. Thousands of people trust us with their homes every month. We understand the common minor repairs that you may need to do around your home. Our experts in UAE perform preventative and corrective maintenance hundreds of properties each week such Repairing or installation of shelves, mirrors, and picture frames, Repairing jammed doors or windows, Fixing or replacing broken hinges, latches, and handles, Repairing of furniture, Painting scratches or scuffs, Repairing Minor tile cracks, Logistics and shifting


Two men mounting LED TV

TV mounting & TV installation

Looking for that TV wall mounting service in Dubai which knows your TV as well as the composition of the wall it has to be mounted on? will hook you up with a TV wall mount installation service that leaves nothing to chance and sets up your appliance exactly where and how you want it. We are talking sturdy installation, cable containment and all types of mounting including fixed, tilted and full motion. Our fully trained professionals arrive complete with tools required for the job and any extra material, if requested by you during service booking. The handyman will proceed to prepare the TV mount installation by measuring distances as per your placement, Once the LCD TV installation service is complete, you can check for movement – swivel or slide, connections– cable and electricity, in the demo that follows. A well mounted TV is very essential, not just for the aesthetics of your room, TVs are usually heavy and an incorrectly mounted screen can detach.

A man fastening the lock

Door locks, knobs repair or locksmith

Getting hold of a locksmith in Dubai can be a tricky business, but not if you go by Villa Paint checklist of instructions. So whether it be a lock change, a lock repair or you need an emergency locksmith in Dubai, Villa Paint can set you up with a reliable and safe handyman will hook you up with trustworthy locksmith services for all your door lock repair, replacement, and installation needs. Our handyman will reach your home at a date and time convenient to you – we appreciate your busy schedule and insist on being prompt and carrying out the given job efficiently. Since our locksmith services are inspection based, our handyman will only carry out minor repairs within the stipulated 1-hour call out time limit and charges. Any major work will require another appointment for which an estimate of charges will be provided to you. After the job is completed, our team provides a testing demo and also a post-service clean-up of the site. 

A wall with clock and some mirrors

Wall fixtures, Mirrors Repair & hanging

Villa Paint will make sure that your wall fixture experience remains fun – limited to going shopping for them and deciding where to hang them up. You will not need to sweat the details about technical stuff like the composition of the walls of your house that determine their strength. Nor should you be worried about the quality of our handyman’s work, the job with sturdy fastenings will ensure there are no accidents that may place your family’s safety or the safety of your property at risk. Rest assured, We do painting hangers and mirror hanging service are professional, fully trained and reliable handymen. Our team is punctual and efficient, reaching your home at the date and time fixed by you. they will check the requirement, identify issues, finish the job and give you a demo of the completed task. Both facilities aim at getting your job done on priority. The Emergency service will have a handyman hanging your wall fixtures within 2 hours.

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