Indoor plants do more than just beautify our house or commercial space. Studies reveal that placing proper indoor flora inside your confined office or home can bring a host of physical and mental health benefits.
How in Dubai?
Mainscape will give you a complete solution for your indoor plants selection. Our indoor plants specialist will help you for selection, supply and maintenance.

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How we select plants?

If you are not living in villa, then finding a good location may be difficult as we know plants need sunlight and CO2 for photosynthesis and food. But energy plants do not requires same level of light intensity. Hence our specialists suggest which plants for your balcony and which plants for your romantic bead room. Same way temperature, humidity, cares etc. for plants vary. We will also provide the micro nutrients for your indoor plants.

Here are some tips:

  • Temperature requirement for plants is 18ºC – 35ºC.
  • Avoid placing plants near your AC.
Automatic Irrigation

Automatic Irrigation

Your landscape is located at lowest and driest climate in the region. Put your concern with us. We have experts to plan and implement an automated irrigation system which will minimal the manual intervention. This is the best adaptable system of irrigation considering the living style in UAE.
Mainscape design irrigation systems for all types of landscape projects, from villas to large public Automatic Irrigation Services Dubaiparks. Water conservation is the main criteria of all Irrigation designs. And we used highest quality materials installed by trained professionals. Our Irrigation system provides adequate water based on plant water requirements. Water requirement may vary depending on plant size, type, turf grass area and other environmental factors. Automatic Irrigation Services Dubai
An Automatic Sprinkler System Installed By Mainscape LLC will save you money on your water bill, While protecting our Environment and Water saving.
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Landscape maintenance

Mainscape facilities team will provide extraordinary maintenance service for your landscape and Landscaping Maintenance Company Dubaiirrigation system. Our team of engineers will visit your site and provide you best quote for the maintenance service and number of sites. Landscape Maintenance Dubai
Our professional landscape maintenance teams provide services include flowers and trees planting, periodical fertilizing and gardening, grass cutting, lawn care and maintenance, driveway, paver and footpath maintenance, trees and shrub pruning, protecting works and improving the topsoil, ground drainage system, plants and garden accessories. Landscaping Maintenance Company Dubai.
Garden maintenance in Commercial Buildings, Public Parks, Palaces, Embassies, Schools, Factories and Private Villas etc.
We also provide complete solutions for vertical gardening right from making the structure, automatic irrigation and suitable planting materials. Our technical support team guides the clients through the entire assure customer satisfaction. Garden Maintenance Company Dubai
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Landscape Maintenance Companies offers striking lawn area

Landscaping is one of the best ways of aesthetic appeal and boosting the outdoor conditions of your home. This procedure is also useful in increasing value to a property. You can get your landscaping plan and design by hiring renowned Landscape Maintenance Companies. This is the finest technique of providing your outdoor a renovation. These firms have professionals who are dedicated in installing walls, irrigation systems, patio pavers and installing new beds. The following are the major benefits of hiring a professional landscaping firm:
Offer Your Yard a Professional Look
The professional Landscaping And Garden Maintenance will create your garden or lawn look more gorgeous and beautiful. They have a team of designer who can transform your dream and ideas into something substantial. With their lots of years of experience, they can carry out something that you cannot carry out all alone.
Saving Time
People who have hectic schedules should consider hiring the services of trustworthy professional. They can get their landscaping objectives by setting their landscaping job into the professionals’ hands. This means that you must avoid leaving your lawn untidy just because you don’t have time for maintaining the outdoor space. Hiring these services of these experts will make sure that your front and backyard is maintained even when you have a busy schedule.
It Is Cost Effective
The law designed by professionals looks beautiful and is easy to maintain. It will not wither or die like grass. Experts will also come back to make sure that your lawn or flower beds stay stunning. This will make sure that garden and lawn continues lush and healthy for a long period. People who tend to their own lawns keep on giving money every time and then.

It is Best For Neighbourhood

Poorly maintained lawns look poor when compared to those of your neighbours. People living in tight-interlace communities should ensure that their gardens are well-maintained. Hiring a professional Lawn And Garden Maintenance Services is the best way of offering your lawn a stunning look and revamping your community.
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